How does ionised alkaline water differ from filtered water?

Today’s market offers a wide variety of water filtration systems for the home. Water ionisers are somewhat less common, so it is not unusual for people to get confused and call them “filters”. Not everyone has a clear idea of what a water ionization device and water filtration system are about and how they differ. Although we can benefit from both if we […]

Possible Uses of Alkaline Water

The recommended water pH for daily consumption is 8.4-8.8. Based on the recommendations of nutrition specialists, a person’s daily intake of water should be 30 ml of water per kg of weight (for example, a person that weighs 70 kg should drink 2.1 litres of water a day (0.03 l x 70).  Possible Uses for Acidic […]

Water ionisation

Ionised water is obtained by means of an electric current being passed through water, in a process known as electrolysis. As a result, the water molecule is split into positively charged hydrogen (H+) and negatively charged hydroxyl (OH–) ions. The former are included in the composition of acids, and the latter – in that of alkalis. […]

Acidic Water

Ionised acidic water Ionised acidic water is obtained through the process of electrolysis in a container separated from the alkaline water receptacle. Ionised acidic water has a weak positive electric charge. It can be distinguished by its sour taste and acidic odour with a slight whiff of chlorine. The unique characteristics of acidic water (otherwise called dead water) are determined by the presence […]

Acidification of the Body

In this day and age young people are increasingly affected by age-associated diseases. Environmental pollution, bad eating habits, stress, fatigue, smoking, drinking and a sedentary lifestyle are frequently cited as the negative factors that throw the body off balance and lead to metabolic disorders and the general acidification of the body. The accumulation of acidic waste in the […]