BPA-free containers for superior safety

BPA-free containers for superior safety

Have you ever come across the mysterious acronym BPA in reference to packaging materials? Well, if you haven’t, it spells out as Bisphenol A, a carbon-based synthetic compound used in the production of plastics and resins. Known for its strength and durability enhancing properties, BPA can commonly be found in food and beverage containers, such as water bottles, epoxy food can coatings and… water ionisers.

However, some containers tend to release BPA and contaminate their contents. Multiple studies have found that even a small amount of this industrial compound is toxic and may be linked to multiple health disorders.

The major issue with Bisphenol A is that it mimics the hormones our bodies produce and disrupt how they function. Mimicking the female hormone oestrogen, for instance, it can prevent the body’s endocrine system from functioning properly.

BPA is linked to medical issues such as obesity, heart disease, breast and prostate cancer, fertility and brain disorders. Exposure to this harmful chemical may lead to miscarriages and disrupt the development of foetuses, children and adolescents, affecting their brain, behaviour and prostate glands.

The only genuinely safe plastic is BPA free. When shopping for items that come into contact with food and water, you’re better off choosing products packaged in containers made of BPA-free plastic. If you’re looking for a water ionizer, check whether the device contains BPA in order to ensure that no toxins are leached into your water. You can be sure that ADROP water ionisers are safe to use – the containers are made of superior quality BPA-free plastic.

Note that the best containers for storing ionized alkaline water are glass mason jars, BPA-free plastic containers or vacuum-sealed stainless steel bottles.

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