The importance of fresh air

Air is the source of life and vitality. The human lungs filter approximately 12 cubic meters of air every day. Air is vital to our circulatory andrespiratory systems. Without air, human beings can only survive for a few minutes, as the oxygen it contains is crucial for metabolism. However, our daily welfare depends on the […]

Useful literature & Links

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Pros and cons of ionised water: answering the sceptics

The advantages of ionized alkaline water have been explained in the articles presented on this website. However, there is an ongoing debate between the supporters and detractors of ionized water as a potential source of health. Sceptics say that there are not enough reliable studies to validate the marketing claims of ionized water companies. Let us review some of the basic […]

How does ionised alkaline water differ from filtered water?

Today’s market offers a wide variety of water filtration systems for the home. Water ionisers are somewhat less common, so it is not unusual for people to get confused and call them “filters”. Not everyone has a clear idea of what a water ionization device and water filtration system are about and how they differ. Although we can benefit from both if we […]

BPA-free containers for superior safety

Have you ever come across the mysterious acronym BPA in reference to packaging materials? Well, if you haven’t, it spells out as Bisphenol A, a carbon-based synthetic compound used in the production of plastics and resins. Known for its strength and durability enhancing properties, BPA can commonly be found in food and beverage containers, such […]

A natural remedy for heartburn

Faced with excessive production of gastric acid, otherwise known as heartburn, many people resort to symptomatic treatment. Some may take a teaspoon of baking soda, otherwise known as an innocuous natural remedy, while others gobble pills hoping to get rid of the burning sensation in their chests. Still, the results of these practices tend to be short-lived as […]


The benefits of alkaline water to human health are obvious: antioxidant activity, pH balance, surplus energy, better nutrient absorption and enhanced metabolism, among many others. Why should it be otherwise with our beloved pets – our dogs and cats? Both human beings and canine as well as feline pets are mammals and essentially have the same bodily […]

Ionized water for flourishing plants

A lot has been said about the health benefits of ionized water so far. Every living being thrives on its life-giving properties. What is true of humans and animals, must also apply to plants. Indeed, not only is ionized water suitable for drinking, it is also great for watering our green friends. Among its advantages […]

Ionised Alkaline Water in Weight Loss

As the holiday season approaches, many of us are looking forward to losing some weight. Some struggle with extra pounds around the waist all year round. Consider your daily diet. What preferences or cravings do you feel helpless against and can’t overcome? Do they fall in line with expert guidelines for healthy eating? If so, maybe […]

Sports & Hydration – The benefits of alkaline water

Super hydration: Anyone engaging in sports, whether professionally or recreationally, needs to receive an adequate amount of water. Sufficient hydration is one of the major factors that stand behind good results and a sense of well-being.  During an intense workout the body loses a lot of fluids and mineral salts, and these reserves need to be restored. […]